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Building A Contracting Business with Timeless Quality


E23 - with Austin Tunnell, Founder and CEO of Building Culture

Sometimes we need to slow down and ask the simple question: why do we build?

Thousands of buildings are being torn down today because they lacked lasting materials, beauty, and meaning.

This week we sat down with Austin Tunnell to discuss the philosophy of Building Culture, sustainable building, why modern buildings are ugly, and how we can address modern design flaws. This episode will blow your mind.


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Traditional Building, Innovative Software

Traditional building techniques have stood the test of time for a reason. They are rooted in a deep understanding of materials, craftsmanship, and a commitment to quality. These methods prioritize longevity over convenience, ensuring that structures not only serve their immediate purpose but also endure for generations.

The Importance of Building Things That Last

The concept of building things that last goes beyond mere nostalgia. It is about sustainability, economic prudence, and social responsibility. Structures that are designed and built to last reduce the need for frequent repairs and replacements, thereby conserving resources and minimizing waste. Looking for a read that goes further? Strong Towns by Charles Marohn - we highly recommend this book!

Marohn advocates for a development model that prioritizes long-term stability over short-term profitability. He argues that many modern infrastructure projects are financially unsustainable, leading to a cycle of debt and decay. By contrast, communities that invest in durable, high-quality construction enjoy greater economic resilience and a higher quality of life.

Contractors: The Stewards of Lasting Work

As contractors, we have a unique responsibility and opportunity to shape the built environment in meaningful ways. Our work is more than just assembling materials; it is about creating spaces that meet the needs of today while remaining functional and beautiful for future generations. This means prioritizing craftsmanship, using durable materials, and adhering to time-tested building practices.

Building Culture: A Commitment to Excellence

Austin and the team at Building Culture exemplifies this commitment to excellence. During our podcast, Austin shared insights into how they integrate traditional building techniques with modern innovations to create structures that are both durable and efficient. Listen today!

Driving Meaningful Work with Per4mance

Creating lasting structures requires not just skilled craftsmanship but also a motivated and efficient workforce. That's where Per4mance comes in. This innovative software is designed to drive meaningful work by rewarding installation teams for their efficiency and dedication.

Per4mance tracks key performance metrics, providing real-time feedback and incentives that encourage teams to strive for excellence in every project. By recognizing and rewarding high-quality, efficient installs, Per4mance helps to foster a culture of pride and accountability among workers. 

Contractors... go build things you're proud of that last. And click the button below to learn more about Per4mance!

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