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Change and Safety in the Modern Building Industry

E04 - with Christy Howell of CRH Design Build

In the latest episode of our Beers with Contractors podcast, Will and Dillon discuss how you can use turn fears of safety into a recruiting tool. Then Dillon gets anICF education and the crew discusses the blend of beauty and function in contruction.


Christy takes us on her professional journey starting with her upbringing in England and her pursuit of education in design. As fate would have it, she discovered her true passion lies in high-performance home construction, with a specific focus on Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) construction.

Christy combines a unique approach of form and function. She outlines how ICF construction plays a pivotal role in achieving both simultaneously. Insulated Concrete Forms are a construction technology that involves stacking modular, interlocking forms made of insulating material. These forms are then filled with concrete, creating a durable and highly insulated structure.

One of the challenges Christy highlights is the need for educating subcontractors about these new methodologies. As the construction industry evolves, adopting more sustainable and efficient practices becomes crucial. 

Christy also shares valuable advice for women aspiring to enter the construction industry. She encourages them to pursue their passion fearlessly, emphasizing the transformative impact women can have in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Towards the end of the podcast, Christy reveals her upcoming speaking engagement at the International Building Show. This platform allows her to share her expertise and insights with a broader audience, contributing to the ongoing dialogue about the future of construction and sustainable building practices.

Beers with Contractors was pleased to learn from Christy and we know you will too!

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