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Beers with Contractors - Podcast

Beers with Contractors Podcast

On our construction podcast, we discuss ways to take your contracting business to the next level. We chat about the ins, outs, ups, and downs of the construction industry.


Building A Contracting Business with Timeless Quality

E23 - with Austin Tunnell, Founder and CEO of Building Culture
Performance Pay

Buying a Family Member Out of Your Contracting Business

E22 - with Brandon Powell, Owner of Foundation Doctor in Charlotte, North Carolina

Discover the Financing Technique that can Double a Contractor's Revenue

E21 - with Jesse Davis, President of Home Improvement at GreenSky

Financial Strategies & Value Alignment for Contractors

E16 - with Martin Holland, Business Consultant and author of The Profit Problem

Shaping the Future of Construction with Experience and Innovation

E15 - with Terry Clinefelter of Oklahoma State University (OSU-OKC)

Mastering Growth: The EOS Journey

E14 - with Jonathan Nielsen of Corner Four Consulting