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Building a Legacy: Family Business Transitions in Contracting

E05 - with Jimmy Robertson of Electrical Solutons of Oklahoma

Grab your favorite brew and settle in for the latest episode of "Beers with Contractors," where our hosts crack open marketing for contractors and the story of Jimmy Robertson III,  Director of Electrical Solutions, a family-owned electrical company that saw a generational transition last year.


Jimmy takes us on a journey from corporate America to the heart of his family's contracting business. Alongside his brother, Joe, Jimmy shares the deliberate transition plan that turned them from successors to leaders, incorporating training, experience, and a strategic division of roles.

Strategic planning, investment, and process improvements take center stage as Jimmy unveils the keys to scaling their company. From the challenges of navigating the perception of 'replacing' their father in the business to overcoming them with a vision of ownership and strategic direction, the episode is a roadmap for aspiring business leaders.

Diversity in marketing, lead generation, and the role of branding become the focal points of discussion, providing valuable insights for contractors looking to make their mark in a competitive landscape.

As Jimmy reflects on his journey, he emphasizes the significance of diverse experiences in a family business. The discussion unfolds with tales of challenges, successes, and the pivotal moments that shaped the transition from employee to business owner.

Technology's role in modernizing the business, the journey of hiring key people, and the importance of trust in business relationships are all part of the conversation. Jimmy discusses his vision for the future of Electrical Solutions, showcasing a commitment to expansion and systematization.

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