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We Are UnisonWorx

Dedicated to giving you the tools to lead, retain, and engage employees while tracking productivity and improving accountability. 

Growing a successful business depends on effectively managing your people. The U (formerly Unison) Platform, Per4mance, and Kudothread give you the tools to unite your team and grow your business. 

That’s our mission at UnisonWorx and we’re dedicated to helping you succeed.    


 Meet Our Leaders


Will Blake

Chief Executive Officer, Founder, and “Gas Pedal” at UnisonWorx

Will loves to jump off the cliff and make the plane on the way down! He started U as a passion project three years ago with a focus on improving the culture at Vesta Foundation Solutions, his own construction company. Along the way, he discovered that systems and processes are not followed by most platforms and created U to help business owners become great leaders and develop a winning team. 

Sydney Blake

Chief Operating Officer, Founder, and “Brake Pedal” at UnisonWorx

Sydney slows the machine down to ensure systems and processes are implemented correctly and efficiently. She leads over 90 employees at Vesta and uses her management skills to connect business and accountability objectives with the human side of the company’s culture. With a focus on bringing the team together, Sydney practices what she preaches at UnisonWorx. 


Dillon Cott

Customer Success Manager, Founder, and “Connector” at UnisonWorx

Wichita, KS native and all-around connector, Dillon is the magnifying glass at UnisonWorx. With a background in college recruiting, construction, and the Catholic Church, Dillon brings a unique perspective on how the employee experience should be when joining an organization.  He helps everyone stay connected, improves recruiting techniques, and helps managers become better leaders at UnisonWorx.


Our Mission
To empower business owners with digital tools that drive business success.


Our Values
We fuse integrity, trust, and accountability into every action we take and every product we make.


Our Tools
We provide management, collaboration, and development tools like the U Platform, KudoThread, and Per4mance.


Our Promise
To provide the tools and support you need to help your business reach its full potential. 

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Unisonworx gives you the tools to lead, engage, develop, and retain employees effectively. 
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