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Who We Are

At our core UnisonWorx is an employee collaboration platform that helps train culture driven leaders to invest in their workforce.  This helps their employees feel seen, heard and respected.  All of this is driven on the concept that if you want to grow your business, it will take people.  UnisonWorx helps you find and hold on to the most important function of your growing business.  

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Meet Our Founders


Will Blake

CEO-Will Blake is the gas pedal of Unison.

He loves to jump off the cliff and make the plane on the way down! The platform itself has been a three year project focusing on how he can improve the culture at his own company. What he discovered are systems and processes that are not followed by most platforms. So that is why he decided to create Unison and help other businesses develop great leaders. 


Sydney Blake

Sydney is the brake pedal of our organization.

She is great at slowing the machine down and making sure we are implementing systems and processes right.  She has been heavily involved with the Blakes' original Construction Company managing over 90 employees.  She is amazing at connecting the accountability function of business with the human side of the culture. She leads a massive team and practices what she preaches when it comes to UnisonWorx


Dillon Cott

Wichita, KS native and all-around connector, Dillon is the magnifying glass of our company.

He has a background in College Recruiting, the Catholic Church, and Construction.  Dillon brings a unique perspective on how the 'employee' experience should be when coming into an organization.  He is great at connecting individuals and improving recruiting techniques, and at the same time helping managers become better leaders within UnisonWorx. 

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