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Recognize and Retain Employees with KudoThread

Improve employee retention, boost morale, and bring your team together with KudoThread: an easy-to-use app that rewards employees with credits for exceptional performance.   

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Designed to help businesses reward employees across all labor-based industries.

  • Fence Contractors
  • HVAC Contractors
  • Lawn Care Professionals
  • Siding Installers
  • Foundation Repair Installers

  • Window Installers
  • Waterproofing Installers
  • Drainage Contractors
  • Irrigation Installers
  • Deck Builders

KudoThread unites your team and boosts motivation.

Keeping track of employees and giving bonuses is challenging for busy business owners. KudoThread solves that issue with an easy-to-use system that allows your team to send credits to co-workers that they can use to earn rewards for exceptional performance. 

KudoThread builds a strong team that helps your business grow. 

Enhance team communication.

KudoThread facilitates real-time dialogue across your team. Effective communication keeps everyone in the loop and unites employees throughout your business. 

Boost productivity by increasing motivation.

KudoThread provides a platform that rewards exceptional team members. Employees are motivated to reach their full potential, leading to a positive workplace culture.

Break down silos and unite your team.

KudoThread helps break down communication barriers between individuals and departments. Unite fragmented workforces and elevate the way employees speak about each other.

Create rewards that align with your company values.

Every workplace has a different culture. KudoThread lets you customize your in-app store to offer rewards that align with your company values.
"We recommend Per4mance to other companies, not just a construction-based company, but any company who has employees that need to clock in and out and they want to incentivize their pay and improve their labor rate."

Compatible with all mobile devices and easy to use. 

KudoThread is intuitive, easy to use, and accessible on any mobile device with an internet connection. 

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Features include:

Tools that optimize recruitment initiatives and build a strong team:

  • Tools to easily share praise and recognition in a group news feed.
  • Social-media style features like comments and emojis.
  • A “kudos”-based reward system that lets users share, earn, and save credits.
  • A customized in-app company store that allows employees to purchase items with saved credits.
  • Easy access via the mobile app or web-based interface.

Pricing plans customized for your business.

Plans start at $2/user. 

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KudoThread helps boost motivation and increase productivity while building a positive and engaging company culture.
Schedule a free demo with an expert to learn how KudoThread can help you reach your business goals.