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Workforce Management Software for Small Retail Businesses

Success in the retail industry depends on the strength of your team. UnisonWorx is dedicated workforce software for small to medium retail businesses that is designed to help centralize communications, streamline task workflows, help you hire the right people, and more.  

Companies growing with UnisonWorx:

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Workforce management software designed to address specific retail challenges

Operating a successful retail business hinges on providing quality products and offering superior customer service - but everyday issues sometimes get in the way. UnisonWorx helps you focus on the bigger picture by providing a workforce management software solution that helps overcome common challenges:

  • Inefficient hiring and onboarding processes
  • Team instability and difficulty retaining talent
  • Rising labor costs from high turnover
  • Not having time to connect with employees
  • Difficulty delegating tasks and following up
  • Communication issues and low accountability
  • Lack of clarity with processes and procedures
  • Low employee engagement
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UnisonWorx delivers management and communication tools that optimize operations and unite your team

UnisonWorx is a cloud-based workforce management system developed to help you manage and connect with teams that are always on the go.

Designed with a mobile workforce in mind, UnisonWorx offers a comprehensive suite of management and communication tools that streamline hiring procedures, delegate tasks, and securely communicate with groups or individuals. With UnisonWorx, you can easily schedule meetings, optimize workflows, share resources, publish news, and more.

Streamline Operations

  • Set business goals and objectives 
  • Create to-do lists that connect to goals
  • Assign tasks to specific employees
  • Schedule meetings and optimize workflows
  • Simplify and speed up recruitment

Improve Collaboration

  • Unite office employees with mobile teams 
  • Send SMS and direct messages via the app
  • Schedule individual and team meetings 
  • Send documentation to individuals and groups
  • Send app-wide messages to everyone

Recruit the Right People

  • Track open, pending, closed, and archived jobs
  • Organize resumes and quickly review applicants
  • Access contact information and schedule interviews
  • Share resources and set goals for new recruits
  • Save qualified candidates for future job openings

Engage Your Team

  • Allow employees to create profiles and add personal goals
  • Access real-time data that tracks goal achievement
  • Access employee data for performance assessments
  • Share resources easily and set notifications to follow up
  • Share news, events, and motivating messages

UnisonWorx serves all types of retail businesses

UnisonWorx gives you the tools to bring your team in unison, whether you have one store or several locations across multiple states: 

Electronics and Appliances
Jewelry and Accessories
Construction Suppliers
Bookstores and School Supplies
Health Food and Supplements
Specialty Grocery Stores
Garden Centers
Cosmetics and Hair Products
Exercise Equipment

Schedule a demo to see UnisonWorx in action.

Sometimes a demo is worth a million words. Contact us to schedule a quick meeting to discover how U helps unlock new levels of productivity, engagement, and team motivation.


Communication and productivity tools designed for retail businesses

Retail businesses are a sum of multiple moving parts: customer service personnel, back-office employees, maintenance crews, inventory staff, and more. UnisonWorx helps you manage complex retail teams while bringing everyone together, with user-friendly workforce management tools that help you optimize operations and grow. 

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Manage recruitment and increase retention rates.

Optimize hiring procedures with UnisonWorx’s Applicant Tracking System. Manage resumes, communicate with candidates, simplify onboarding, share documents, and track open, closed, pending, and archived positions. UnisonWorx also helps increase retention rates with messaging and goal-setting tools that develop your team and promote a positive workplace culture. 

Improve communication and set clear expectations. 

Keep all employees across your team connected, motivated, and accountable, with dedicated tools that help you effectively delegate tasks and clarify responsibilities. Create to-do lists, link them to sales goals and other business initiatives, schedule meetings, and archive employee data for assessments. 

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Unite your team and build a positive workplace culture.

UnisonWorx allows employees to create a personal profile with their contact information, hobbies, and interests. This helps everyone get to know each other across multiple locations. The communication portal also lets everyone send shout-outs, congratulations, and praise to improve morale and make everyone feel recognized and valued for their contributions. 

Boost employee engagement.

Motivated employees are critical to increasing sales and growing your business. UnisonWorx helps improve employee engagement by helping you connect directly to employees to check in, get feedback, and gain insights to improve workplace conditions. UnisonWorx also allows employees to add custom goals so they can connect their job performance with overall personal development.

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Create, achieve, and celebrate goals.

UnisonWorx allows you to create to-do lists and sync them with sales, customer service, and operational goals. Assign tasks to specific employees and set reminders to follow up. Share wins and celebrate achievements with messages via the communication portal to help keep teams motivated. 


Will Blake achieved 470% revenue growth for his construction business between 2019-2022.

Meet Will Blake, CEO of UnisonWorx.

From 2019-2022, he grew his construction business from a single office with 36 employees to three locations and 80 employees, achieving 470% revenue growth over that time period.

Will’s journey was a mix of highs and lows, with numerous challenges in between. He used his insights and practical experience to create UnisonWorx: the app he wished he had during that time. Learn more about Will’s experience + tips on reaching your goals faster. 

UnisonWorx is built to give your business a competitive advantage

Satisfied and motivated employees are the key to retail business success. UnisonWorx provides you with the tools to unlock unique benefits that can help improve customer service, increase sales, and ultimately improve profitability. 

Seamless Communication

UnisonWorx’s communication center features an app-wide news feed,  direct messaging, and SMS. This enables seamless and secure communication between employees, whether they are working on location or on the go

Efficient Task Management

UnisonWorx provides the tools to delegate tasks effectively, including the ability to create to-do lists, link tasks to operational and sales goals, message employees directly, and set reminders to follow up. UnisonWorx’s streamlined task management features help you stay organized and foster accountability.

Improved Hiring Processes

UnisonWorx includes an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that helps simplify the recruitment process so you can hire qualified employees and save candidates for future openings. Features include tools to manage resumes, contact candidates, and track open, closed, pending, and archived positions.

Increased Employee Engagement

UnisonWorx helps you create a positive workplace culture by enabling employees to build personal profiles, send private messages, and give praise to their colleagues. With social-network style features, UnisonWorx helps boost morale, encourages teamwork, and strengthens employee relationships.

Improved Retention Rates

UnisonWorx can help you increase employee retention rates with performance management tools to develop employees, conduct performance assessments, and communicate directly. UnisonWorx additionally generates data on manager performance to address potential issues employees may have with their supervisors.

Goal Achievement

UnisonWorx allows you to create to-do lists that can be synced with critical business objectives and goals. The software additionally allows you to assign specific tasks to managers and schedule follow-up meetings to track performance.

Easy Accessibility

Designed with a mobile workforce in mind, UnisonWorx allows any credentialed user to access the app from any connected mobile device. This flexibility is especially valuable for retail businesses with mobile employees across multiple locations.

Improved Transparency

UnisonWorx helps promote workplace transparency through features like news sharing, feedback collection, and performance tracking. With UnisonWorx, you have the tools to increase accountability and promote visibility at all levels of your organization. 

Secure Resource Sharing

UnisonWorx allows you to upload and send files to anyone on your team. The app’s centralized communication portal also allows you to share resources and news with your team to keep everyone updated.

Cost Reduction

UnisonWorx can’t replace your HR manager, but it can help small businesses with some HR processes such as recruitment and performance assessments. By allowing managers to conduct these procedures directly, you can lower administrative costs, which can be a significant expense for retail businesses.

A Rewarding Workplace Culture

UnisonWorx helps build a positive workplace culture through various features that encourage employee engagement and connection, including personal profiles, group announcements, and direct messages. UnisonWorx also helps you organize team-building activities with its meeting function, enabling you to easily add employees, send resources, and provide updates.

Small Retail Business FAQs

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by our partners in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Do you have a question that’s not listed here? If so, please send us a message, and one of our experts will get back to you. 

What is UnisonWorx, and how can it help my retail business?

UnisonWorx is workforce management software designed specifically for small retail businesses that want to stay connected with a mobile team. It can help you strengthen communications, simplify task management, improve team engagement, increase accountability, streamline workflows, and more..

Holding team members accountable is a big issue at my retail business. Can UnisonWorx help me delegate more effectively?

Absolutely. UnisonWorx provides a tool to create an organizational chart that clearly defines everyone’s responsibilities. The app also features to-do lists that allows you to assign specific duties to each employee, and it archives information you can use during meetings and performance reviews. 

I have several retail locations and find it challenging to keep track of who is working at each store. Can UnisonWorx tell me who is working at each location?

At the present time, UnisonWorx does not offer attendance tracking or give location data for users. 

Can UnisonWorx assist with task delegation?

Yes, UnisonWorx provides tools for task delegation and workflow management. It allows you to create to-do lists, assign specific duties to managers and employees, set reminders, and archive information that can be used during meetings and performance reviews. 

Does UnisonWorx offer time and attendance tracking?

UnisonWorx does not offer attendance management or a time-tracking tool at the present time.

Does UnisonWorx offer employee scheduling features?

UnisonWorx does not offer a specific employee scheduling feature, however it does include an app-wide communication portal for sending group messages to request extra help. It also includes a direct messaging service for contacting specific employees. Both features can be useful for finding extra employees during busy periods.

Employee turnover is really becoming a problem at my retail business. How can UnisonWorx help?

One of the leading causes of high turnover in retail is inadequate labor management. UnisonWorx enables you to manage low employee retention in two primary ways: (1) by providing resources to facilitate communication with restaurant managers to ensure they effectively develop their teams, and (2) by offering you multiple communication tools to directly engage with employees to obtain feedback that can be used during manager performance evaluations.

How can UnisonWorx improve communication with my retail team?

UnisonWorx is a dedicated app with built-in communication tools that allow you to connect with everyone via a centralized feed, and through direct messaging to specific employees. Both features help you share news announcements, birthdays, anniversaries, and other events to keep your team members connected, focused, and engaged.

Can UnisonWorx help with setting and achieving business goals?

Yes, UnisonWorx allows you to create to-do lists that can be synced with sales, customer service, and operational goals. Users can assign to-dos to managers, and then track the employee’s ability to complete tasks and achieve business goals.

How does UnisonWorx’s organization chart work?

UnisonWorx's organizational chart tool offers a visual representation of your company's hierarchy and reporting structure. It helps all users understand the relationships and roles within the organization and helps improve accountability.

Is UnisonWorx strictly for mobile devices? Can I also access it on a desktop device?

Yes, UnisonWorx is designed to be accessible on any connected device, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. This flexibility is particularly useful for businesses with employees working in different locations on a range of devices.

What types of retail businesses can benefit from UnisonWorx?

UnisonWorx is designed to serve a wide range of retail businesses, including supermarkets, electronics stores, jewelry shops, construction suppliers, bookstores, health food stores, and many more.

How can I test UnisonWorx? Is there a free trial?

Contact us for a free demo to learn about UnisonWorx’s features and how it can add instant value to your business.

Optimize team management with UnisonWorx: the mobile-first app that brings retail teams in unison 

Overcome communication and management challenges so you can focus on increasing sales and growing your retail business. Contact us to schedule a demo to learn how UnisonWorx can help unlock new levels of productivity, engagement, and team motivation.