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Workforce Management Software for the Manufacturing Industry

Engage, inspire, and connect to manufacturing employees with UnisonWorx: a purpose-built mobile application that enables you to effectively manage production, maintenance, supply chain, and other mobile teams
from any connected device. 

Companies growing with UnisonWorx:

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Workforce management software designed to meet the challenges of tech-focused manufacturing companies 

Standard productivity and scheduling software may meet the needs of employees using desktop devices, but can’t address the challenges of managing manufacturing workers on the move:

  • Inefficient hiring and onboarding processes
  • Team instability and difficulty retaining talent
  • Rising labor costs from high turnover
  • Not having time to connect with employees
  • Difficulty delegating tasks and following up
  • Communication issues and low accountability
  • Lack of clarity with processes and procedures
  • Low employee engagement
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UnisonWorx helps you manage and communicate with any mobile employee using a connected device

Designed with mobile workers in mind, UnisonWorx gives you the tools to set goals, delegate tasks, manage recruitment, and communicate with employees from the convenience of your phone.

Streamline Operations

  • Set business goals and objectives 
  • Create to-do lists that connect to goals
  • Assign tasks to specific employees
  • Schedule meetings and optimize workflows
  • Simplify and speed up recruitment

Improve Collaboration

  • Unite office employees with mobile teams 
  • Send SMS and direct messages via the app
  • Schedule individual and team meetings 
  • Send documentation to individuals and groups
  • Send app-wide messages to everyone

Recruit the Right People

  • Track open, pending, closed, and archived jobs
  • Organize resumes and quickly review applicants
  • Access contact information and schedule interviews
  • Share resources and set goals for new recruits
  • Save qualified candidates for future job openings

Engage Your Team

  • Allow employees to create profiles and add personal goals
  • Access real-time data that tracks goal achievement
  • Access employee data for performance assessments
  • Share resources easily and set notifications to follow up
  • Share news, events, and motivating messages

Schedule a demo to see UnisonWorx in action.

Sometimes a demo is worth a million words. Contact us to schedule a quick meeting to discover how UnisonWorx helps unlock new levels of productivity, engagement, and team motivation.


Technological innovation is accelerating. UnisonWorx brings those benefits to the production floor and throughout your manufacturing business 

Manage employees, streamline task management, track employee communications, increase accountability, set and achieve goals, and more:

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Streamline hiring and improve employee retention.

Retaining employees helps improve productivity and control labor costs. UnisonWorx's Applicant Tracking System (ATS) upgrades the recruitment process by consolidating all hiring activities on a single mobile interface. Managers can organize resumes, arrange meetings, send SMS messages, and track all open, closed, pending, and archived positions. 

Delegate tasks and set clear expectations. 

UnisonWorx features tools that optimize task delegation and make your expectations clear. Set goals for your team and assign tasks related to those initiatives. Organize meetings with groups and individuals directly on the app and set notifications to remind you to follow up on all delegated tasks. 

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Increase team motivation and build a positive workplace culture.

Manufacturing workers sometimes get left behind in a hyper-connected digital environment. Boost their motivation and inspire them daily with communication tools that let you share birthdays, anniversaries, company news, and other important updates.


Will Blake achieved 470% revenue growth for his construction business between 2019-2022.

Meet Will Blake, CEO of UnisonWorx. 

From 2019-2022, he grew his construction business from a single office with 36 employees to three locations and 80 employees, achieving 470% revenue growth over that time period.

Will’s journey was a mix of highs and lows, with numerous challenges in between. He used his insights and practical experience to create UnisonWorx: the app he wished he had during that time. Learn more about Will’s experience + tips on reaching your goals faster. 

Stay connected with UnisonWorx: a workforce management system that brings the benefits of technology to mobile manufacturing teams 

UnisonWorx is built to fill in the gaps left behind by standard productivity software. Built to serve mobile teams, UnisonWorx gives you the tools to manage and communicate with employees throughout your manufacturing business. Contact us to schedule a free demo to learn more.