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Workforce Management Software for the Agriculture Industry

Optimize team management for your agriculture business with U: a dedicated app designed to streamline task delegation, share resources, facilitate hiring practices, and improve communications across farming operations. 

Technology is constantly evolving. U helps get your agriculture business up to speed. 

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Workforce management software designed for the specific challenges faced by modern agricultural businesses

Overcoming major challenges - such as extreme weather, rising costs, and market volatility - should be your primary focus, however management and communications issues can divert your energy from the bigger picture:

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U is designed to help agricultural businesses overcome obstacles and thrive on the digital landscape

There are dozens of productivity and management systems available, but none are designed to specifically meet the growing challenges faced by farming businesses.

U was developed by experts to help you manage office, onsite, and field employees, streamline meeting workflows, optimize hiring processes, leverage data to make informed decisions, and more.

  • Create to-do lists and connect them with goals
  • Communicate via SMS and direct messages
  • Schedule meetings and optimize meeting workflows
  • Track open, pending, closed, and archived positions
  • Simplify job posts and quickly review applicants
  • Organize resumes and store contact information
  • Schedule team meetings and candidate interviews
  • Share resources and set goals for new recruits
  • Save qualified candidates for future job openings

  • Streamline communication between office staff and field workers
  • Access real-time data that tracks goal achievement
  • Accelerate employee development by allowing them to add personal goals to profile
  • Access employee data for performance assessments
  • Share news, events, and other announcements
  • Send motivating messages through the communication portal
  • Access the app from any connected mobile device

Schedule a demo to see U in action

Sometimes a demo is worth a million words. Contact us to schedule a quick meeting to discover how U helps unlock new levels of productivity, engagement, and team motivation.

Communication and productivity tools that bring long-term value to agriculture companies

Manage employees, streamline task management, improve communications, increase accountability, set and achieve goals, and more. U provides tools agriculture businesses need to adapt to the constantly changing digital landscape:
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Streamline hiring and improve employee retention.

Attracting reliable, hardworking employees is challenging in today’s environment. U's Applicant Tracking System (ATS) simplifies hiring by consolidating all recruitment activities on one interface. Once hired, U helps you retain a productive workforce with tools to improve connections and build a positive workplace culture.

Optimize task workflows and set clear expectations.

U was designed to optimize team management by bringing field, onsite, and office teams together. U provides tools to delegate tasks effectively, create to-do lists, and align these activities with critical goals and objectives. Set clear expectations with in-app organizational charts, organize meetings, and communicate securely with SMS and direct messaging.

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Improve emergency preparedness and develop an effective response strategy.

U helps you prepare for and respond to storms, flooding, fires, and other unforeseen events. The app's centralized communication center, direct messaging, and SMS tools help coordinate emergency responses, enabling you to quickly assess the situation, assign tasks, and share updates. U’s file-sharing feature additionally allows you to send compliance and safety documents to teams on the go, at any connected location.

Inspire your team and build a positive workplace culture.

Keeping teams motivated increases employee retention, improves productivity, and boosts your bottom line. U helps you connect with groups and individual employees via a communication portal that lets you share birthdays, anniversaries, company news, and other updates to keep team members informed, motivated, and actively engaged.

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Hit performance targets and celebrate goal achievement.

Set critical business objectives and stay focused with tools that align task lists with business goals. Showcase exceptional employees and group achievements by expressing gratitude and sending praise through the communication portal and via direct messages.

We recommend Per4mance to other companies, not just a construction-based company, but any company who has employees that need to clock in and out and they want to incentivize their pay and improve their labor rate.


Access team-building and productivity insights from experts that know your industry

Visit our resources section for valuable tips to increase employee retention, boost engagement, effectively manage your team, improve efficiency, and more: 


FREE E-Book  - Your Guide to Vision Casting

Are your best people disengaged? Odds are you haven't presented them with a compelling vision.

U is built for future-forward agriculture businesses with tools that help you adapt to the rapidly evolving technological landscape. Contact us to schedule a free demo to learn more.