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Employee Engagement Software for Hybrid and Mobile Teams

Business success depends on the strength of your workforce. Unite your team with dedicated apps that boost engagement, increase motivation, and bring your teams in unison.

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Reach, engage, and unite your mobile teams.

Employment engagement is critical to increasing employee retention, lowering absentee rates, improving productivity, and boosting overall profitability. Here’s how UnisonWorx can help:

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Open the lines of communication. 

Open and transparent communication is critical to employee engagement. Develop an environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their concerns. 

Create a general newsfeed with group announcements that provides instant notifications to keep everyone informed. 

Prioritize direct communication by allowing employees to send private messages and keep records of all correspondence for performance reviews and assessments. 

Encourage professional development.

Advancing your people pays major dividends in the long-term: employee referrals, internal promotions, and a positive company culture.  

Get started by discovering your employee’s motivations and plans for the future. Learning what drives employees helps you create development programs that align with their personal and professional goals.

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Recognize and reward employees. 

Every employee has different skills and productivity levels. Recognizing those who put in the effort is critical to increasing their motivation and engagement.
Reward top performers with an employee recognition program that features monthly bonuses, incentives, promotions, or other awards that drive motivation higher.

Offer opportunities for employees to get involved.

Set up a real-time feedback system that provides employees with opportunities to make decisions that directly affect their jobs. 

Engage employees by giving them options to take on additional responsibility through new assignments, projects, or committees. Collect data that helps you identify the most qualified and motivated people for internal promotions. 

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Recognize goal achievement. 

Share business objectives with your team and demonstrate how their efforts help the company achieve those goals. 

Boost employee motivation by celebrating the completion of projects. Highlight professional milestones of employees who demonstrate exceptional performance and send motivating messages when they achieve their goals. 

Apps custom-built to boost employee engagement for mobile and hybrid teams.  

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U, (formerly Unison)

U (formerly Unison) gives you the tools to lead, engage, and retain top-performing employees with a suite of tools designed to streamline communication and improve workflows.



Increase productivity and employee motivation with Per4mance: an easy-to-use app that identifies your most productive employees and enables you to send them rewards for exceptional performance.

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Create a rewards program with KudoThread: an easy-to-use app that allows employees to send, save, and spend credits in your company’s customized in-app store.

Plans are subject to a one-time onboarding fee. 
Already a UnisonWorx customer? Contact us to learn about discounts for existing clients. 

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Engage employees from any device at any location. 

U gives you the tools to set and achieve goals, improve communications, set clear expectations,
recognize top performers, collect employee feedback, develop your staff, celebrate wins, and more.

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Communication Center

U’s Communication Center is the digital nexus of your business. It’s like a “town square” where people can meet in public or private to have 1-1 or group conversations.

Features include a news feed, direct messaging, and SMS capabilities. All communications are seamless and secure whether employees are in the office or on the go.

Personal Profiles

U enables every employee to create a personal profile that includes contact information, hobbies, and interests. Personal profiles help team members in different locations get to know each other and fosters a more connected workplace culture. 

The U platform also lets employees set customized personal goals that they can share with their managers. This helps strengthen relationships and links job performance with professional development to drive motivation and increase engagement.

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Workflow Tools

The U platform allows you to set goals, assign tasks, schedule meetings, and gain feedback. 

Organize and manage team-building activities with U’s meeting function to help strengthen employee relationships and foster a positive workplace culture.

Collect feedback from employees on workplace conditions and manager productivity. Identify areas of improvement by collecting data on employee performance. Create to-do lists and sync them with business objectives and goals to boost motivation and drive employee satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do UnisonWorx’s solutions help increase employee engagement?

UnisonWorx develops applications that facilitate communication, recognition, and professional development for mobile teams. U fosters open communication and collaboration, KudoThread encourages peer recognition and appreciation, and Per4mance rewards exceptional contributions. Together, these platforms create a culture of recognition, motivation, and empowerment which leads to higher levels of employee engagement and satisfaction.

Do your apps encourage employee involvement in decision-making processes?

Yes! U encourages employee involvement by providing communication channels you can use to offer opportunities for additional responsibilities. Managers can set up feedback systems and assign new projects or roles, empowering employees to contribute actively to decision-making and organizational development.

How do UnisonWorx's mobile apps use data to identify top-performing employees?

Our Per4mance app collects and analyzes various data points related to employee performance, productivity, and contributions. The system then generates insights related to project completion rates, task efficiency, customer satisfaction scores, and peer feedback. This allows managers to gain actionable insights into each employee's productivity and identify top performers

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