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Gen Alpha is On Its Way. Are you Ready?

Before we get started, I want you to think about some of the most common stereotypes about the known generations. Think: “Ok Boomer, I know you can count change” & “Every Millennial needs a trophy”. While it is easy for people to throw out generational stereotypes on social media and assume that you can cripple an entire generation by using cursive, don’t worry; they already created an AI that can interpret that AND hack your bank account! So there is a new wave of workforce coming and we need to be prepared to employ them. This means leveraging their strengths or your business will be retiring with the Boomers (see what I did there).

Generation Alpha started around 2010.

This was the generation that was fully born in this century. Their technology-integrated lives have thrown them into a new era where everything is gamified, everyone interacts using screens, and content is consumed in short form. If this scares you, don’t worry – it gets better! This generation has had a screen in front of them since their pacifier was given to them. Unlike the other generations that had brain development of physical interactions before technology was provided, this generation has known nothing outside the realm of digital interaction. Then the cultural trend was solidified when Covid-19 forced this generation to go to school through a screen. They went through it with ease, while everyone else struggled to ‘unmute’ during Zoom meetings. Hell, I even struggle to get the MIC to work on my Google/Zoom/Teams meetings!

As businesses, we must embrace this new generation that will start in our workforce by 2026, but there is some great news for the teams that are learning how to engage with this awesome generation. First: understand that their needs for information have always been at the flick of their digital assistant, smart speaker or TikTok video. If they want answers, they will expect to be able to find it QUICKLY. Your business is probably sitting on a stack of SOPs and training binders that will never be touched. They will continue to collect dust and your customer satisfaction will drop because all of that training you developed was never digitally converted into short-form or an AI-guided library. 


This generation loved to have things gamified. Now I am not saying shut the doors and break into a Fortnite tournament everyday at 4pm. All I am saying is training must involve measuring and gamifying your interactions. Keep them short and concise. As an example, a moving company in Oklahoma City uses  AI truck camera’s to gamify seatbelts. The  AI tracks seatbelt uses, collects points, and awards the winners at the end of the week through a text message. 

Physical interactions and hands-on training are actually exciting to this generation. Because they have lived their lives behind a screen, getting interactive is actually fun for this group of young workers. We have found this especially exciting in our annual Construction Camp for 7th and 8th graders each year. We thought we would have to have robots, iPads and VR to get them involved, but we found the exact opposite. They launched into welding, plumbing and painting because at home, they are never given the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities fully.

They see Mr. Beast building things on YouTubeYoutube, but they never had the resources to do it themselves. So the script is being flipped around what is new and exciting because it stimulates their imagination better than the digital devices they carry. 
As we make the turn into the second quarter of this century, we will have to juggle 5 generations of workers. The companies that understand this and leverage their resources will win in the marketplace. Not only will these businesses succeed with their employment, but they will also exceed in providing value in the marketplace to these brand-new customers. If you want to learn more about how to digitally integrate with your workforce, contact us so we can show you what we have learned about the new digital workplace that is right around the corner. 

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